Refactoring and Better Player Feedback (v. Release)

Hello, everyone! I finally have been able to get back to work on Last Stand after having to make an international move from Japan back to the United States.

In this particular build there isn't much that has been changed at the moment. I did a lot of backend things with refactoring code for better readability for myself and to give the systems already in place a better foundation to build off of. Hopefully, this will be the case going forward.

However, from the game jam, the biggest critique people had with the game was the lack of player feedback when the player's fireballs would hit the enemies. I completely agree with this sentiment and after reading through the suggestions, I went ahead and made some changes. 

Now, when enemies are hit there is a particle effect that is played signifying the little explosion poof coming from the fireball and the enemies also flash red when they are hit from any sources.  Hopefully, this will make feedback better and not be so confusing as to whether or not the fireballs are meeting their mark.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited to have a sense of normalcy back in my life again. In the coming weeks, I plan on blueprinting the levels and enemies I might want in a complete game. And maybe start working on a new feature after that. If anyone has any suggestions then please feel free to leave them in the comments or contact me via:

  •  Discord (stealthyshiroean#1621) 
  •  Steam (stealthyshiroean)
  •  Twitter (@stealthyshiro)
  • Or just a comment on one of my Youtube videos

Thanks for stopping by!

Known bugs: The reaper doesn't actually flash red for some reason.


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Even though a small update, the new particle effects and flashing enemies makes a big difference.

When the final guy (boss?) in the level is killed though, id like to see a short pause before the "next level" UI appears. It's very sudden and it would be nice to see the guy die first.

Great work!

Thanks for the feedback! I think that is a good idea too. I'm in the process of completely redesigning the levels for a better sense of progression and for some more story elements to be interspersed throughout. I wanted to create a few "boss levels" so I think that will be a really good idea to maybe slow down the death animation or something for the player to savor the moment of defeating the challenge.