Don't Let the Lights Go Out is a simple action game inspired from the likes of Pac-Man and that one section in Ocarina of Time where you need to sneak past the guards.

This was a really simple game. Originally, it started as a larger project but I cut it down due to inexperience with allotting time for tasks and life changes causing me to lose some time.

For any interested in my full thoughts and what I thought I learned from this project then please check out my video here:

Any comments, criticisms, or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for stopping by!


  • WASD - Movement
  • E - Siphon light from torches and Interact with Keys/Doors
  • F - Kindle torches with your own light

All assets used were under a CC0 License.


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This is a fun little game and a nice concept.

It took me a little while to realize I have to keep pressing E to syphon light, rather than hold it down though. It would be nice to see some effect for the light moving into the player, and the opposite when lighting a torch etc.

Despite the simple pixel graphics, I found myself quite spooked by the flying thing near the end of the first level.

Thanks! I definitely liked the idea but it could have been a lot better realized. I think the simplicity of the game paired with my own inexperience made it hard to think how to use the gameplay mechanic in interesting encounters.

And yeah, I tried to imply in the beginning text that you could siphon more than just the one time, but I figured it might still be a problem. I wanted to have the key hold down instead of constantly pressing but I couldn't figure out how to do that with Unity's new input system. I suppose I could have just used the old GetButtonDown function.

Having better feedback to let the player know is definitely a good idea though. I hadn't thought of that. Although, I don't plan on doing anything else with this game. I felt I spent way too much time on it and I definitely would like to move on.

Thanks for playing it and giving me some feedback! Oh, and Happy New Year, GigaElk!

Happy New Year!